Thursday, November 29, 2012

One year in Guinea

Today marks the one year anniversary of my arrival in Guinea. Congratulations G21!

490 cashew trees planted in Balandougou with Green Hand Action
56 books read
14 flat tires replaced
4 regions in Guinea
500 (estimated) bowls of rice and sauce eaten
2 host families who welcomed me with loving arms
5 pizzas eaten from the beach bar in Conakry
693 kilometers from Conakry to Kankan
18+ hours in the taxi from Conakry to Kankan
29 days fasted for the month of Ramadan
2 times talking on Guinean radio
10 people minimum in the average station wagon bush taxi
2 poultry that I killed and plucked myself
0 meals of toh eaten that I enjoyed
3 times that I’ve been on Guinean national television
26 wheels of Laughing Cow cheese eaten by my cat
80 volunteers currently in Guinea
2 other countries (Sierra Leone and Benin) visited
5 Guinean outfits received as gifts
1 trip to the Guinean dentist (not THAT scary)
51 mephloquin pills taken
300 moringa trees planted at Fasso Demen
31 heads of cabbage harvested in my garden
7 dance parties at the regional house
4 nights that I’ve seen shooting stars
2 water pumps that we’ve installed at the garden
136 days without rain during the dry season
100s of times that I have heard the song Makale
19 greetings shouted during the fifteen minute bike ride to my garden
3 cans of oatmeal eaten
15 boxes of matches used to light my stove
365 days in this great adventure...
457 days to come!

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